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Couples Transitioning From Monogamy to Polyamory

As many of us know, being poly in a monogamous world has its ups and downs, but taking on the process of going from monogamy to non-monogamy as a couple can have its own unique set of difficulties, as well as gifts. In this session, we will explore five specific dynamics and challenges that relate to couples trying to transition from mono to poly while staying together.

In this talk, we will go beyond talking about relationship agreements, communication, and jealousy, by exploring:


  • How the paradigm shift you are going through is creating your relationship challenges, not non-monogamy

  • How the skills you used to stay healthy in monogamy may not convert in polyamory.

  • Why the pairing of a Poly-as-Lifestyle partner with a Poly-as-Orientation partner can be particularly challenging.

  • How going Poly can catalyze an awakening of the Authentic Self.

  • And How going Poly can expose a Crisis of Attachment Style.

Re-Wire Your Triggers Non-Monogamy

We all have emotional triggers.


We all experience moments where the intensity of our reactions seems out of proportion to what’s happening and our better selves get eclipsed by our body’s fight/fight/freeze defense systems taking over.

Additionally, the complexity of navigating non-monogamous relationships can bring up even more opportunities to get triggered with multiple partners and metamours.

However, your triggers can be rewired and transformed!

And working with your emotional triggers can actually become a catalyst for healing, self-understanding, personal growth and more fulfilling relationships. With skill, your triggers can become an amazing opportunity to evolve in new ways and to more fully align your most cherished values, intentions and commitments.

Exploring the Human Journey Episode on Polyamory & Consensual Non-Monogamy


In this episode, the hosts of Exploring the Human Journey, Dave, and Gayle, talk about their relationship experience and opening up to Polyamory after 30 years of marriage. Jessica explains that each partner is a new mirror for you to learn, grow, expand and push you in new ways. Different expressions of yourself are seen within different relationships and that is the basis for Non-Monogamy as Spiritual Expansion.

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