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My Offerings

Please Note: My therapy/coaching practice is currently full to NEW clients.

I am currently booking Legacy Unburdening sessions for CURRENT and NEW clients.

For CURRENT clients, please email me directly to schedule a session.  


Please subscribe to my website for announcements of when my practice opens up again, as well as resources that I send out.
If you are looking for a referral, I recommend 

looking at the AASECT and Psychology Today directories where you can find practitioners that are CNM focused. 


I work with people who are looking to feel connected to themselves and others, no longer limited by the patterning, conditioning, stories, triggers, attachment styles and past pains that have been interfering with who and how you want to be. The foundation of my therapy and coaching is to create a safe, non-judgmental space for you to explore, heal and grow so that you can live your preferred expressions of self. 


I see you as the expert of your life and experiences, and I see my role as a support, catalyst, guide and companion on your journey of transformation. I prefer swimming in the deep waters with people and I cherish and respect the uniqueness of everyone’s process. 


I know how incredibly difficult it can be to be in an intimate relationship and how easy it is to get triggered, stuck in old patterns of relating and caught in cycles of reactivity with the ones closest to us. However, the challenges and conflicts you face in your relationships are also an amazing opportunity for connection, clarity, and growth. Instead of differences and disagreements being a threat, they can become the path to deeper understanding, intimacy, and respect.

If you are feeling stuck, confused, frustrated, or hopeless about your relationship with a partner or loved one, I will work with you to experience new ways forward. During our time together we can:

  • Repair previous injuries and reconcile differences

  • Learn to notice the early warning signs of conflict so that you can re-route back to your path of preferred relating

  • Address Attachment Styles and work towards Secure relating

  • Reclaim and strengthen the parts of the relationship you want to salvage

  • Learn how to navigate being triggered

  • Establish new terms of engagement and preferred ways of relating 

  • Explore cultural and gender narratives, as well as family myths that have shaped/influenced your challenges

  • Re-author a new story that will sustain the ongoing relationship you want


In today’s world, our concept of  ‘relationship’ or ‘partnership’ can have a variety of different meanings and appearances. Thankfully there is no right way to do relationships, but finding a professional that you don’t have to convince or educate about your relationship orientation or lifestyle can be challenging. 

Whether you are looking for support in transitioning from Monogamy to Polyamory, opening up your marriage, healing your current relationships,  having mediation between Metamours, or pioneering alternative expressions of intimacy, I am here to assist you on your relational journey.

Together we can:​

  • ​Get clear about whether being poly or opening up your relationship is right for you and your partner(s)

  • Create your relationship(s) based on what you are consciously choosing instead of what society dictates

  • Develop relationship guidelines and agreements

  • Work through triggers, jealousy, insecure attachment styles, and patterns of reactivity

  • Heal past pains and/or monogamous patterns that are still causing static

  • Facilitate and mediate conversations with multiple partners and/or family members

  • Create a plan for coming out to your friends, children, family of origin work, and different communities 

  • Explore gender, sexuality, and intimacy


Legacy & Cultural

Legacy and cultural burdens are the negative beliefs, emotions, symptoms, memories and energies passed down within families and cultures. Previous events, traumas, or tragedies can create cultural burdens that get passed down from one generation to the next. Ancestors who experienced judgment, persecution or rejection for who they were can pass down shame within the family lineage. When unprocessed, the energies, beliefs, emotions and physical symptoms of these difficult experiences can be internalized and absorbed into our own body, hearts and minds today.

The good news is that legacy and cultural burdens can be unburdened. Internal Family Systems has an approach that allows us to resolve the wounds that were passed down to us and release those which may not serve us any longer.  Legacy burdens did not start with you and they do not need to continue with you. Internal Family Systems addresses legacy burdens by getting us connected to what IFS calls Self. Self is a compassionate courageous awareness within everyone that knows how to heal. Self can then approach younger parts of us that carry these legacy burdens and help release them.

Signs that you may be carrying a legacy burden:

  • Your symptoms (physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual) persist even after you’ve been doing therapy and other forms of treatment or self-healing work.

  • You experience persistent shame, fear, anxiety, rage, perfectionism or hopelessness that feels disproportionate to your actual lived experiences or does not make sense given the context of your life.

  • You have memories that are not yours, but instead feel connected to your ancestors, culture or identity group. 

  • A history of intergenerational trauma, secret-keeping or silence within a family or group. 

  • Your parents and grandparents also had similar challenges.

  • You identify as being an empath and feel that you are carrying energies, experiences or burdens that do not solely belong to you.

Please come prepared for a legacy unburdening session with the challenge you want to focus on. I will support you in figuring out how much of this burden is currently yours and how much has been inherited. I will then guide you on an inward unburdening journey to work with the lineage or family members whom you inherited this burden from. 

Initial Legacy Unburdening session:  85 minutes long for $350.

If subsequent unburdening sessions are needed/desired they can be booked for 55 minutes at $250. 

(Current clients can pay their sliding scale fee) 

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