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About - Jessica Fern, MS

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

I grew up in a neighborhood well acquainted with violence and a family considerably impacted by divorce, multi-generational trauma, substance abuse and interpersonal discord. The effects of these experiences were challenging for many years, but through the therapeutic process, I was able to reclaim my strength, build resiliency, create relationships that I was nourished by and live from a heart that was open instead of fearfully protected. This journey began with investing my time and resources in workshops, retreats and therapy in order to heal myself, rewire my reactivity, re-invent certain relationships, while letting go of others and comfortably stand in the ways I’m different.  

This process wasn’t easy or linear (and is always ongoing!), but eventually evolved into committing my life to the study and application of conflict resolution, therapy, transformation, communication and body-based mindfulness practices. My personal and professional journey has led me to the knowing that I find the most meaning and inspiration through collaborating with others who are looking for growth and change in their lives or relationships—people who no longer want to be held back from what the past, culture, or norms say should be, but instead want to live through their preferred expressions of self, relationship and reality. 

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