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Ideal Parent Meditations ($20 OFF SALE)


Inspired by Dan P. Brown's Ideal Parent Figure Protocol, in these meditations, you will be guided through visualizing being a child who is interacting with adult parent figures that are ideally suited to you and are able to make you feel secure in your relationship with them. These meditations will support you in remapping the formative conditions for secure attachment to help foster attachment repair and promote the attachment experience that you did not fully receive in the ways you needed. You will receive 6 Tracks with 4 Meditations: -An introduction to the Ideal Parent Meditations (5:20) -General Ideal Parent Meditation (21:33) -Ideal Parent Meditation for the Dismissive/Avoidant Style (10:18) -Ideal Parent Meditation for the Anxious/Preoccupied Style (11:53) -Ideal Parent Meditation for the Disorganized/ Fearful Avoidant Style (14:25) -Troubleshooting Grief and Anger (8:00) Voice: Jessica Fern Music: Folded Time 417HZ by Michelle Carter Disclaimer: These meditations are not intended to be a substitute for professional therapeutic/medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.



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