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Revising Motherhood, the Martyr, and Purpose: An Interview

Last week, Laura Brady--founder of The Nourished Home and one of my dearest friends from college—interviewed me about my UnStuck Your Story work. It's definitely a conversation you don’t want to miss!

Here are some of the themes we touched on:

  • When you're really stuck or struggling with a particular problem story, it’s important to know that it’s not you that needs to be "fixed," but instead your story that needs revising.

  • The ways that women judge or compare themselves to the dominant stories that our society has about motherhood and some practical steps you can take to move beyond their influence and find a more joyful, and freeing approach to mothering (You’ll get to hear our shared personal stories about this issue).

  • The powerful story of the "Martyr" and how you can go from ‘giving too much’ to achieving a balance between empowered and aligned care giving

  • What it really means to live a life of purpose and have a positive impact—releasing outer labels of "success" or stories of "divine purpose"—and honoring the ways that we make an impact on our world, from the privacy of our homes to the public sphere of community.

  • As a bonus, you'll also get the link to my Free Video and mini ebook on The Four Steps to UnStuck Your Story!

Check out our conversation below!

#Purpose #Motherhood

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