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Re-Wire Your Triggers 

8 Week - Coaching Program for Individuals or Couples* (in-person or phone/skype)

  • Do you find yourself having strong emotional reactions that catch you off guard or destabilize you for the rest of the day?

  • Does self doubt, shame, criticism or rage get easily triggered by what you would consider trivial circumstances?

  • Do your past experiences repeatedly color and distort your perceptions of yourself or others, creating painful cycles of reactivity with your loved ones?

  • Do you have an idea about the person you want to be in life, love or work, but keep finding yourself acting out of more reactive, outdated versions of yourself?

*Couples program is 12 weeks long.  

We all have emotional triggers. We all experience moments where the intensity of our reactions seems out of proportion to what’s happening and our better selves get eclipsed by our body’s fight/fight/freeze defense systems taking over. 


When caught in the grip of our emotional triggers, we can easily get thrown off kilter, our perceptions can become distorted and our interpretations of events and people can become myopic, blameful or just inaccurate. Being triggered can sabotage our best of intentions and make us act in ways that are contrary to who and how we truly want to be. 

However, your Triggers can be rewired and transformed!


And working with your emotional triggers can actually become a catalyst for deep healing, self-understanding, personal growth and more fulfilling relationships. With skill, your triggers can become an amazing opportunity to evolve in new ways and to more fully align your most cherished values, intentions and commitments

Drawing on the methods and ideas of Narrative Therapy, Somatic Psychology and Neuroscience, Jessica created this 8 Week Coaching Program to guide you in diffusing your triggers, transforming your relationships and embodying new ways of being.  


In this class you will:

  • Increase your awareness and understanding of your emotional reactivity

  • Learn and cultivate the skills that will support you in transforming your triggers

  • Heal past pains and outdated beliefs that are still influencing you today.

  • Learn how to put the breaks on your ancient defense systems in order to access your ability to connect, communicate and choose how you show up in love, life or work. 

  • Learn how to use self-directed neuroplasticity to re-wire your reactivity and intentionally create new neural pathways that support the development of more preferable habits and ways of being. 

  • Become more empowered with you own ability to choose and access new possibilities.

Course ContentOver the course of 8 weeks we will cover the following 6 modules. 

  1. Module 1- Raising your Trigger Awareness - Getting to know the ins and out of your reactivity.

  2. Module 2-Pumping the breaks - How to soothe and shift into your social engagement system.

  3. Module 3-What’s Really triggering you? Connecting with your vulnerability

  4. Module 4- Healing the past so that you can live in the present

  5. Module 5- Who do you want to be instead? Embodying your preferred self.

  6. Module 6- Putting it all together- Moving forward, troubleshooting and practice, practice, practice!

This program includes:

  • Eight 90 minute weekly coaching sessions.

  • An additional 15-minute booster talk between sessions each week.

  • The Re-Wire Your Triggers Workbook.

  • Downloadable Guided meditations and visualization exercises to support you in integrating our work. (Personalized audio meditations can also be created specifically for you).

Re-Wire Your Triggers

8 Week Coaching Program


Payment Plans available upon request


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