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If you are looking for a referral, I recommend 

looking at the AASECT and Psychology Today directories where you can find practitioners that are CNM focused. 


In today’s world, our concept of  ‘relationship’ or ‘partnership’ can have a variety of different meanings and appearances. Thankfully there is no right way to do relationship, but finding a therapist that you don’t have to convince or educate about your relationship orientation or lifestyle can be challenging. 

Whether you are looking for support in transitioning from Monogamy to Polyamory, opening up your marriage, healing your current relationships,  having mediation between Metamours, or pioneering alternative expressions of intimacy, I am here to assist you on your relational journey.

Together we can:

  • Get clear about whether being poly or opening up your relationship is right for you and your partner(s)

  • Create your relationship(s) based on what you are consciously choosing instead of what society dictates

  • Develop relationship guidelines and agreements

  • Work through triggers, jealousy, insecure attachment styles, and patterns of reactivity

  • Heal past pains and/or monogamous patterns that are still causing static

  • Facilitate and mediate conversations with multiple partners and/or family members

  • Create a plan for coming out to your friends, children, family of origin, work, and different communities 

  • Explore gender, sexuality and intimacy

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