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Please Note: My practice and waitlist are currently full. 

Please subscribe to my website for announcements of when my practice opens up again, as well as resources that I send out.

If you are looking for a referral, I recommend 

looking at the AASECT and Psychology Today directories where you can find practitioners that are CNM focused. 


I know how incredibly difficult it can be to be in an intimate relationship and how easy it is to get triggered, stuck in old patterns of relating, and caught in cycles of reactivity with the ones closest to us. However, the challenges and conflicts you face in your relationships are also an amazing opportunity for connection, clarity and growth. Instead of difference and disagreements being a threat, they can become the path to deeper understanding, intimacy and respect.

If you are feeling stuck, confused, frustrated, or hopeless about your relationship with a partner or loved one, I will work with you to experience new ways forward. 

During our time together we can:

  • Repair previous injuries and reconcile differences

  • Learn to notice the early warning signs of conflict so that you can re-route back to your path of preferred relating

  • Address Attachment Styles and work towards Secure relating

  • Reclaim and strengthen the parts of the relationship you want to salvage

  • Learn how to navigate being triggered

  • Establish new terms of engagement and preferred ways of relating 

  • Explore cultural and gender narratives, as well as family myths that have shaped/influenced your challenges

  • Re-author a new story that will sustain the ongoing relationship you want

Click HERE for to read more about Jessica's therapeutic approach.

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