July 1, 2016

A client recently asked me if I thought that any Story can get UnStuck.

My quick answer was an emphatic, YES! I definitely believe that any story can get Unstuck.

Now with that said, there are 3 important points that we must take into consideration.

Point #1 – Gradual versus Instant Change:
Again, as I said to my client, I truly believe that any story can be changed, re-framed, re-interpreted, or re-authored. However, the amount of time and energy that it takes to reclaim your life from a particular story will most certainly vary from person to person and story to story. I’ve seen some problem stories dissolve almost instantaneously, simply with the introduction of a previously unconsidered point of view or a novel interpretation of circumstances that allowed individuals to story themselves, or others, in a completely new light. On the other hand, I’ve also worked with stories that took a long time to tease apart; stories that required...

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