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Imagine what it would be like to experience more clarity, connection, possibility, and skill in your every day life and relationships.

Imagine feeling at home with yourself and your relationships, living and acting from your most preferred values and intentions.

Imagine getting triggered, but knowing how to respond instead of react.


Imagine feeling at ease, and even empowered, by your painful past--no longer being overwhelmed or overpowered by painful stories, outdated beliefs, or critical voices that limit your life.


This is what I want for you!


I want you to experience significant breakthroughs, turning points and healing in regards to the struggles you face, either individually or in relationship. 

I want you to experience change that endures, relationships that nourish, and choice in regards to the ways you express your gender, sexuality and relationship orientation.

BIPOC, Queer, Kink & Non-Monogamy Friendly and Experienced

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